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Well, Hello There!

Oh my, dear readers. I never thought being a stay-at-home mom was going to be easy, but I certainly didn't expect that it would take me this many months to write a blog post. Sure, I've had some time in the evenings once DJ goes to sleep, but that precious little slice of time has been spent watching television, reading, doing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning up toys, sweeping, did I mention laundry, writing articles, and connecting with my husband. It's a lot. Don't ever let anyone tell you that being a stay-at-home parent isn't a full-time job. It's that plus some.

On that very topic, I recently had someone tell me that only Kevin has a "real job" and that it's harder for him because he works and is a parent. The same person also said of another parent friend of theirs, "He's a parent until the baby goes to sleep."

Oh you sweet, innocent person-I-won't-name. I'm lucky that DJ mostly sleeps through the night, but he doesn't always. I'm a parent 100% of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While Kevin can get a break from his job, I don't get a break from mine. And yes, what I do is a job. It requires my full attention and skills like problem-solving, food preparation, cleaning, medication administration, singing, dancing, damage control, personal shopper, wardrobe assistant, chauffeur, and probably a thousand other things I'm forgetting. There's a reason that daycare and nannies costs an arm and a leg.

Now don't get me wrong, Kevin helps out a ton. I'd be losing my mind if he didn't. He's truly the best partner in the world and I wouldn't want to do this life with anyone but him. That said, sometimes DJ just needs me. Every once in a while, he won't let anyone console him, but me. He won't sleep for anyone, but me. He needs to be able to see me. He needs to be touching me. Some days I can't go as far as the bathroom without him screaming for me (even though the door is open and he can see me). Plus I prepare all his meals, give him his baths, do most of the diaper changes throughout the day, you get it. On top of that, I try my hardest to do some stuff around the house, too. Oh, and I'm still attempting to do some freelance writing to bring in some income so that it doesn't all land on Kevin's shoulders.

Nah, my friends, Kevin doesn't have it harder. Neither do I. We both bust our asses to help care for this amazing toddler (*sob*), take care of our family, keep our house from being condemned, and keep us all happy. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way.

One day soon I'll do a post with what a day in my life looks like, but for now you'll just have to trust me. If you know a stay-at-home parent, tell them you appreciate them and all they do. Yes, even if you aren't their partner. Being a full-time parent is hard, unforgiving work. It doesn't end. Well, at least not until they start school or move out on their own. I guess someday I'll have time for myself again. Maybe.



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